Be on the lookout...

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15-04-2008 11:53:58

Get ready for TONS of new hot offers to be added.
With the launch of our new affiliate we will be bringing a lot of new hot offer for you guys to complete. I just wanted to let everyone know that YGF is improving our site even more. New offers, new gifts, and a new affiliate. You should see these in the next few days. Remember we pay $50/ ref with regular credit ratios (higher then mostly ANY other site!) For any questions you can AIM us, send in a support ticket, or even call us at our TOLL FREE phone number, [bf0319422f2]1-877-YGF-4YOU (1-877-943-4968)[/bf0319422f2]



15-04-2008 13:26:52

YGF is the MAN !!!!



16-04-2008 17:51:27

[quote8361d09b1c="TravMan162"]YGF is the MAN !!!!


Hey there Trav,

Well, yeah, I agree, but...uh ummmmm. lol lol lol

Hope you have a good one...and can't wait for those new offers my own girly self. snicker snicker.




27-04-2008 09:27:22

Within a week... be on the lookout!


02-05-2008 14:57:51

For an update...

We are currently renovating.... all the new offers will come at ONCE. So thats why you don't see them gradually added. New gifts will come. New sites will come. A new design/script will come. A new promotion(s) will come. Get ready!