Whats the deal with being at college?

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27-01-2008 20:37:08

I started working on a site at home and now I am living at college. Will I go on hold If I continue working on my site?


27-01-2008 20:46:04

dont think so. i was told that it is ok. i have a static IP though so it might differ depending on how yours is set up.


29-01-2008 12:00:33

can yourgiftsfree verify this please?


29-01-2008 14:43:34

I was wondering the same thing. I too moved to a college in another state recently. I finished my offers already. But I just need to get more referrals. Is it okay for me to log into my account using the school's internet? Will it look like someone is hacking into my computer multiple times? Just curious...


29-01-2008 14:52:31

You should be fine.


29-01-2008 19:48:29


Yes, as Admin says, you should be fine.

Any one having this particular issue, please get a support ticket in to me, and I will be happy verify that you are okay.

Thanks so much,

YGF Margot ;)