YGF Tutorial Video for Getting Credit.

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23-01-2008 19:51:14

Hello users.

We have heard users voicing their frustrations and concerns recently about crediting on our network. While most of the crediting is out of our hands, we want to do all that we can to ensure that our users receive their due credit. Therefore, we have put together a short tutorial video showing various procedures and tips that will aid in receiving credit when doing advertised offers. We hope this helps! And, as always, any comments and questions are welcomed! Please show your refs.

The tutorial will be located as a link on our main portal and everyone of our websites. For now, use this link to view it directly!




23-01-2008 21:40:44

Nice.... D


24-01-2008 01:29:59

Nice way to go


24-01-2008 20:16:39

Thanks, anyone else use/see it?


24-01-2008 23:26:58

Nice job man!


25-01-2008 06:34:47

[quote2c820905b4="YourGiftsFree"]Thanks, anyone else use/see it?[/quote2c820905b4]

shock here, I do.