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09-01-2008 17:19:47

Hey Everyone,

We added some new offers to the site, and we will continue to do so over the next few days! Also, we are thinking of a NEW promotion to run soon. Crediting has improved drastically for us, and we have moved some offers around. Please reply to this thread with the name of an offer that either doesn't work or hasn't credited for MULTIPLE refs. Please specify, with the name of the offer, any problems you are encountering.

Thanks Everyone!


09-01-2008 21:33:45

This is wonderful many will be happy to see this...and more coming? YES!! Way to go Admin!

YGF Margot ;)


12-01-2008 13:28:28

Hello Admin.

I have noticed that both Hoodia and Forex Wire have been double crediting. This has caused some orders to come in from users that thought their referrals were green, that were subsequently denied.

If any of you are having this issue of double crediting, please get with me...I am off to support shortly.

Thanks a bunch! wink


12-01-2008 18:22:35



15-01-2008 17:20:08

I did 5 offers at and have not received credit for one. all the offers wher done on the 11th of this month. I wrote to support about it and they said to post here. Here are the offers.
joined forex offer 1/3 credit
purchased pure health hoodia 1/2 credit
did smart m panel 1/2 credit
purchased Dr. Suess offer 1/2 credit
tickle IQ test 2/3 credit
I know I am following the trade guidelines. My browser security is set to lowest setting accept all cookie. I go to site, clear cookies, login, do offer, wait 10 min,logout, clear cookies, log back in and do next offer.


26-01-2008 10:13:15

Howdy all

I have a referral who has done Disney and Tickle test. Has not received credit for either. Has anyone had trouble with the above offers crediting?

Thanks for your time!

Happy Saturday



26-01-2008 10:58:00

We are working on Tickle, and Disney can take up to a day!


26-01-2008 12:02:07

Thanks for the speedy response!

---ya have a great Saturday!



30-01-2008 16:53:35


any update on the status of Tickle and Disney not crediting?

thanks and anxious awaiting a response )


06-02-2008 17:40:21

Hey, what about Great Fun and E-Auction? Im waiting for those to credit on allforone, just wondering if they can take a while or if im just going to have to do a no credit report. Thanks


06-02-2008 18:30:56

I believe the Great Fun offer takes about 4-5 days to credit. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


06-02-2008 20:48:19

Tickle is killing me lol !