Not at your house and want to check your status?

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04-01-2008 20:01:48

Hey users,

I just want to remind everyone of our status check feature. If you are at a friends house, or somebody's else's house, and think someone from their IP might have done a YGF site, you can still check your status.

You have to use our "Status Check" feature. It is located on the main page of and here is a direct link http//

Using this feature we do not log your IP and we give you a fast status check of your account. So if you are at your referrals house, use status check. Please let me know if you have any questions.



05-01-2008 19:42:10

Good idea. )


05-01-2008 19:52:18

This feature has been around on YGF sites for a long time, i HIGHLY suggest users using this! It's a great idea