A Very Happy New Year!!

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30-12-2007 14:56:38

[bd29d2d93f5]Have a great time everyone, but stay safe out there!! 1 hour 38 mins and counting YAHOO!!![/bd29d2d93f5][/colord29d2d93f5][/sized29d2d93f5]
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30-12-2007 15:41:29

Don't you mean 31 hours?


30-12-2007 17:49:24

[quotedee5602717="tylerc"]Don't you mean 31 hours?[/quotedee5602717]

LOL!! I have been living my days at night, so am a day ahead of myself, but still hope you all have a wonderful New Years!

Margot D

sandra habina

31-12-2007 21:23:57

Happy New Years Margot and Henry and YGF You Rock !!!!