Can't we cut a deal YGF Admin?

Live forum:


15-12-2007 21:05:55

Instead of dealing with all this "I can't get my refs to get credits" and things like "so many dead offers blah blah blah" can't we just cut a deal? A deal such as if one would Paypal you $100 (just like getting a referral on Allforone) or $50 (just like the other sites) you could let us cash out on our partial credits? What would be the harm in this? How would you lose anything?


15-12-2007 22:07:10

Because when he figured out the economics for the promo, he assumed some percentage would try and fail, thus giving him revenue without cost. This offsets all of the payouts that he makes. I am pretty sure he is running this promo at a loss (though I could be wrong), and and what you proposed would only cut into his pocket deeper. People failing is part of what supports the promo, as well as the whole freebie business.


16-12-2007 04:57:26

Keep in mind that when you aren't getting credit for something, that means that YGF isn't getting credit for you doing the offer either. Crediting is a very automated process. If you didn't get credit for the offer, his affiliates don't pay him for your lead, so he wouldn't have that money to pay you with.

Crediting is almost always out of the hands of the site owner.


16-12-2007 09:11:59

Oh that's true, so basically by people failing to complete the promo, the Admin would get more money, but if people did complete the promo, he would probably lose more money.