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13-12-2007 20:37:07

Hey. I have been trying to get ahold of admin about my account but am recieving no answers. I had ONE green since last week, and finally got the order approved a couple days ago. I talked to Admin yesturday and he told me orders would be shipped. I checked my account this morning and the one green I had is now at 1.66 credits and is counted as used. My order is also not appearing anywhere. I have not been paid. I need Admin to contact me directly via PM so I can get this figured out! I have enough partials for this Promo and would like to cash out!


14-12-2007 12:58:13

Still waiting....Admin, if you could please contact me via PM. Thanks


28-12-2007 12:56:24

Admin, still waiting for a reply. Please PM me back. thanks


30-12-2007 15:52:47

Still waiting....


30-12-2007 15:54:52

You have 2 names here?

I'll take a look too