The Partial Credit Promo Has Been EXTENDED!

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12-12-2007 16:37:08

Hello Users,

We have seen a glitch on our end. Yahoo Success Center has been credting as 1 credit instead of .5. So once we took car of this glitch, some peoples one ref dropped to 1.5. So since this happened you have 2 more days to redeem your partial credits! So the promo will end at 740 EST PM on Friday.



12-12-2007 17:41:29

Thanks I guess I'll try to get another referral now.


12-12-2007 20:11:11

Haha wow great lemme try again lol !

sandra habina

13-12-2007 03:12:54

Great news for many traders. I hope the extra time helps them all.

Thankyou again for your generosity.


13-12-2007 10:19:33

Woot Woot it helped me !


13-12-2007 19:41:03

[quoteb6887bfaae="nbonsu26"]Woot Woot it helped me ![/quoteb6887bfaae]

It sure did! Congrats again!