My custom order was denied....? Why was this?

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09-12-2007 19:32:27

I send a support ticket in on allforone and did exactly what Margot said to do as far as a custom order...My order was denied for some reason or another. I PM'd Admin and hopefully this will work out. Anyone else have this issue?


09-12-2007 22:06:50

Maybe some of your partial credits weren't valid (ie. the users who had them had multiple accounts or something else which would cause the user to go red.).


10-12-2007 01:10:44

It's been fixed. You're good to go D .


10-12-2007 15:45:20

Fixed, please lock this forum


11-12-2007 14:54:06

Well now I have beed denied because of a phone#of one of my referrals that says that he made sure there was no typo? WTF? I put in my order on the 7th and just got my 1st reply on the 11th? And it was a denial of my custom order....comon guys! It would have been nice to know in that 24 hr period that you say approval will happen but here it is 4 days later?