My refs can't get credited!!

Live forum:


09-12-2007 09:22:17

Okay, I have posted again and again and spoken with admin over this. I have two refs that have tried and tried to get credit for the offers that they did since Nov 30th. One from FLR is stuck at 1.5 and the other from here at FiPG is stuck at 1 credit. BOTH have tried to do more offers but, the ones they could do are all dead offers! I need some help here since the time on the promo is over on the 12th. Please admin can't you do something?

sandra habina

09-12-2007 16:47:47

I have one ref - who said she had dead offers alot also. Not sure - I thought the site was having a problem because I could not log in.

Are they still dead?


10-12-2007 12:07:23

This is lame there should be a longer time span for this promotion.


10-12-2007 21:15:50

Yes they are still dead as well as some that redirect. Anyway, I'm not hearing anything anymore, no replies, nothing. Both of my refs tried to do more offers as I said, and can't. Each is from another forum, so it isn't that either. I have just pretty much accepted the fact that I will not be able to cash out on this promo and I have several unhappy refs (some are waiting on credits from months ago). I am just completely sad as I had such high hopes for YGF when they came back. (