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07-12-2007 03:45:47

Hey. I can't login to the site. I have my 1 referral, but I can't login to order. I don't know if it is because I have too many referrals or what. I have PMd you YourGiftsFree, so please take care of this. Thanks


08-12-2007 08:54:30

Still waiting for a response....


08-12-2007 22:58:11


How many referrals do you have? If you are in need of a new account, get with me, and I will gladly work to get you set up. If Admin. is taking care of this, just let me know.

Thanks so much,

YGFMargot D


09-12-2007 08:17:16

Hey Ricky,

Please AIM me or YGFMargot so we can take care of this )


09-12-2007 17:58:44

I try to. Your not on AIM much. I talked to YGFHENRY about it today and he said you have to check out my account because there is something wrong with it. I also emailed you, so if you could reply letting me know what's going on, please do. Thanks