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02-12-2007 18:21:10

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On 12-4 I was paid for my 2 greens from 11-14th and 11-16th. Thank you for the payment.

And thank you Margot and Henry for communicating with me during this very long waiting process. I can't thank you enough.



In your November 29th post on Thursday evening you had mentioned that you pay/ship instantly (within 24 hours)

I have an order that was approved Friday morning at 338AM that I have not been paid for yet.

I'm hoping this order is going to pay me for my[/color3ca6e56915] 2 referrals who greened on the 14th and 16th of last month.[/color3ca6e56915] It's been a long wait.

I just wondered what the status is and rather my order is being over looked or rather orders have been delayed and the instant 24 hour pay out is not happening now.

Hoping to be paid soon.

Thank you very much for your help!

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03-12-2007 22:16:02

I'm still waiting to get paid for my referrals[/color48eda817cb] who greened on November 14th and the 16th.[/color48eda817cb] Margot and Henry have each told me several times that they are getting in touch with admin about my unpaid greens. On November 21st admin posted on my post in this community the following message. [/color48eda817cb]"It will be easier to look once the site is back up, but will try to look into it during the reconstruction!"
YGF opened back up on the 29th and I'm still waiting to get paid for my greens from the 14 and 16th of November. On the 29th when the owner posted that they pay out INSTANTLY (within 24 hours) I began to hope that my long wait was finally over.

My order for my 2 greens that should have been paid last month was approved on Friday at 338 AM. It's been longer than 24 hours and for me the wait and silence continues. I sent an AIM message 2 times on Monday when the owner was online but received no response back. There has been no response to my forum posts or private messages. Margot and Henry respond back but all they can do is pass the information onto the owner. And then my wait continues.

All I want is to be paid for my November 14th and 16th greens that have both been verified and approved. One person went green on the 14th and was marked as used on the 15th but was somehow over looked and left out of my order.

Here's hoping to be paid soon since it has been stated that you ship instantly (within 24 hours). I was hoping that unpaid greens from November 14th and 16th would be considered a high priority.