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29-11-2007 23:42:09

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On 12-4 I was paid for my 2 greens from 11-14th and 11-16th. Thank you for the payment.

And thank you Margot and Henry for communicating with me during this very long waiting process. I can't thank you enough.



Admin said he was going to try to take care of this while the site was off line. I'm hoping that it can be taken care of now since the site is back up.

11-14 green was marked as used on the 15th and then was left out of my 11-20th order. [/color717083afad]I expected to get paid for this verified, green that had been marked as used after you came back online. Instead this referral has now had the used status taken off and I have to submit another order for a referral that was already verified and marked as used. This referral should have been included in my 11-20th order. Now I have submitted another order hoping that this time I'll be able to actually get paid for a 11-14th green that you marked as used/verified on the 15th. [/color717083afad]

Another person went green on the 16th and was suppose to be included in my 11-20th order and that person was left out as well and was never even verified. [/color717083afad]

I have just submitted another order, opened a new support ticket and am really hoping that these 2 old greens will be paid to me quickly. I hope that one green won't be over looked and ignored. I hope that someone has the ability to verify and payout 2 greens at the same time, without leaving one of them out.

I've spent so much time trying to get paid for 3 greens and still have only been paid for 1 out of 3 greens. I would much rather spend my time working with new referrals to get new greens rather than spending so much time just trying to get paid for my green referrals.

All For One - 13161[/color717083afad]

Please can anyone help me, Please????? [/size717083afad][/color717083afad]

Thank you.

Felicia [/color717083afad]


30-11-2007 02:50:40

The order I just submitted today for 2 greens only verified and approved and used 1 green.[/color95b4487147] The person who went green on the 14th and was marked as used on the 15th but was somehow over looked and left out of my 11-20 order was just passed over again. I have another pending order that left out my person who greened and was marked as used on the 15th.[/color95b4487147]

Please somebody, please, please, please verify this long waiting green and add it to my pending order. Please?

I should have 2 greens in this order not 1, and they both should have been paid to me in my 11-20 order.

Thank you for your help.