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21-11-2007 05:58:25

wow, this is the worst support ever, besides margot who is been the only highlight of this site. everything else pretty much is hopeless. not sure how you run a business but this is ridiculous. you dont' even answer my pm's i send, whenever i post on the site, you never answer my question, you always answer everyone else. this is BS!! please hurry my request, so i can be done with this site.

P.S. I understand you are busy, but i have literally been waiting over 3 weeks.


21-11-2007 10:07:27

Send a support ticket from YGF.com?.......


21-11-2007 17:03:57


I am sure Admin. will see this, and hopefully address the matter. Your issue has been forwarded as well. Please let me know if this gets resolved.

Happy Holidays To You!

YGF Margot D


26-11-2007 11:55:22

how much longer do you think it will take??? after the recontruction of the site?


28-11-2007 11:36:06

admin are you going to ever answer my questions.


28-11-2007 15:39:26

Jesus dude just be patient....