Thank You.

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16-11-2007 08:42:03

Edited Message

On 12-4 I was paid for my 2 greens from 11-14th and 11-16th. Thank you for the payment.

And thank you Margot and Henry for communicating with me during this very long waiting process. I can't thank you enough.



Hello. I have a referral who has been green for a week who still has not been verified yet![/color9fd44c4e81] I submitted a Custom Order a week ago Friday morning on November 9th. The back office says orders are verified in 1-2 business days. My order was not verified until Thursday November 15th the the referral who was green on the 9th was passed over and was not even verified. Please verify this referral and include her in my pending order if she is approved since she has been green for an entire week. I also have another green who greened this week that should be verified and included in my Custom Order.

I have opened a support ticket about this. My ID # is 13161.

The Program is All For One

Thank you for your help!

Felicia Harris[/color9fd44c4e81]


17-11-2007 09:29:15

I posted this thread yesterday and after I did Admin did come and visit here and answered another forum thread that was created after mine. No response to my forum post and no response to my support ticket.

Margot has communicated to me about this but unfortunately she has no authority to verify greens so all she can say is that she will pass the information on and then from there, there has been silence.

Just a reminder on Friday November 9th I placed a custom order because I had a referral go green. On Thursday November 15th my order was finally verified, but[/colorb6c95e5da9] the person who had greened on Friday November 9th was passed over and not used or included in the order! [/colorb6c95e5da9]

Right now I have 2 greens that should be included in my pending custom order who have not been verified yet and it's been over a week wait now to have my original green verified. [/colorb6c95e5da9]

I'm hoping to have my 2 greens verified soon, over a week is very long time to wait when the back office says 1-2 business days. My support ticket is still open as well. I've done everything I know to do to communicate properly. When I placed my order on November 9th I also included the email address of the referral who was green. So I was very surprised when days later the referral who had greened first was passed over, ignored and not verified.

Thanks for your help. It certainly is appreciated.

All For One ID # is 13161.

Felicia Harris.[/colorb6c95e5da9]

sandra habina

17-11-2007 12:32:51

I know your frustration - it has happened to me also. Margot does pass on the messages to Admin. but sometimes he just does get to them all. Perhaps if you PM him. Maybe he will read it and get back to you asap.

Hang in there - I know support does what they can but certain issues only the Admin can handle and that is definitely not instant.


17-11-2007 13:19:57

Hi Sandra! Nice to hear from you! Nice to hear from someone! LOL

I did PM him yesterday in this community before he logged into his account. He logged into this community after I had done that, responded to another post that was written after mine, didn't respond to my post or my private message. I only came over to this community because Margot told me that Henry comes here. Since my support tickets were not being responded to by those who had the authority to do anything, I came over here and opened up an account in an attempt to have my communication received by the ones in charge of verifying and paying out.

Yes dealing with this network is definitely different. I have 83 referrals in All For One. I took a break from working with YGF sites in June, came back in September but my favorite networks are the ones who pay out on time, when they say they will and actually communicate very well when customer support is needed. It saves me so much time and frustration, I would rather spend that time training my team rather than trying to get a green verified for over a week when the back office says it should only take 1-2 business days![/colorbe213255b4]

Thanks for caring! It's good to know someone does. I really appreciate you taking the time to do that. [/colorbe213255b4]

Thank you.

Felicia [/colorbe213255b4]


17-11-2007 14:13:53

Hey Felicia, I would like to appologize for the very long time it took for your account to be processed. I am the person who takes care of that but unfortunately, your account is like 1 out of 5 that I have a really hard time looking at. Everytime I look at your account, or sandra's, or 3 other people, my computer freezes. The only thing I would be able to do is deny your current order, then submit a new one and Ill try to approve it so all your referrals can count on it. But I am pretty sure we wont have to do that and Admin will count all your referrals in the custom order.



17-11-2007 15:24:04

Hi Henry!

So happy to hear from you! Yes I certainly would not want to have the order denied and start all over again since I submitted it over a week ago! The problem is that my original green referral was over looked and wasn't verified and now it's been long enough that I have another green referral and I can't submit another order. I'm locked out until I'm paid and my green status is restored.

Margot said there might be a problem because I have so many referrals. She said I could open another account but I would be locked out of having access to logging into my original account which I'm not willing to do. If there was a way I could have another account so I could refer new referrals but still have access to my other account back office that could work. Since Margot thinks that my number of referrals might be causing you problems in being able to look into my account I'm no longer giving the link to new referrals who are starting my training. This week I've been asking referrals who haven't started trying to go green to work on some of my other sites until this problem is resolved.

But if there is a solution to this so I can continue to have the 1-2 business day validation that I've promised to my referrals that would be great. I have one site in another network, where I have over 175 referrals with no problems. This is the only program I'm working with where there is a problem accessing my account or approving my order when I have multiple greens.
In the mean time, my first and only concern is how much longer do I have to wait??? [/color3f8bcedfb8]The November 9th order was approved on 11-15 leaving out my original green from 11-9th and now another green is waiting who isn't included in this pending Custom order either. All of my other orders in September, October and earlier in November were paid in 2-4 days. [/color3f8bcedfb8]How much longer will be the wait to get verified and paid for these 3 greens? [/color3f8bcedfb8]

Thanks for any help you can give me. It is truly appreciated.



17-11-2007 17:05:16

Hello Felicia, yeah the problem is that you have too many refs and you are not the only one with that problem. If you open another account you will still have access to both of them. And once you do that I will be able to review your orders right away. How much do you have to wait? Well there is a current delay with the orders. The latest order we have is from November the 10th, so once orders begin to get sent, you will be one of the first. I dont have a specific date on when admin will start sending out gifts but im pretty sure it will be soon.


17-11-2007 17:41:08

Hi again Henry!

Thanks for the response. It's good to have communication after waiting all week, wondering. [/colord9dab64395]

My order is from before the 10th, it's from Friday the 9th in the morning. Can someone please verify my other 2 greens to include them in my pending Custom order, please? One of these greens, was green on the 9th when I placed my order. [/colord9dab64395]

That's really bad news. Wow, all week I've been trying to check once a hour or so, letting the site load up to check on the status, I had no idea you weren't even paying out to anyone.I'll have to let my referrals know. I thought it was just me that was having a problem getting paid![/colord9dab64395]

I sure hope it's soon, this has been a real long week.

Thanks for taking the time to communicate with me and please, the wait has been so long, please[/colord9dab64395] if someone, could verify my other 2 greens so they are adding to this pending order that has been pending since the 9th. [/colord9dab64395]

Thank you so much for your help.



17-11-2007 17:52:03

Hey Felicia, your order was submitted the 9th but it wasn't approved until the 15th. The order on who gets paid first is the order that I or admin approves them. Hopefully admin reads this and adds your other two greens for your order. If you havent done so, open a support ticket with "My Custom Order" as your title.


17-11-2007 20:04:36

Hi again Henry!

Yes I know it wasn't approved until the 15th which is a lot longer than 1-2 business days that is stated in the back office. Oh my [/color18fa0c5f3d]I had no idea that you had pending orders that had already been approved that have been waiting to be paid since the 10th! This is very bad news. [/color18fa0c5f3d]

Believe me when I first had my referral go green I put the words Custom Order in a support ticket subject line. That was on 11-9th. I even included the email address of my referral who went green in the support ticket. It didn't help. When my order was verified on the 15th my referral that had gone green on the 9th was still over looked and was not verified. I even have a support ticket that says 11-9 Green Still NOT Verified in the subject line!

Margot knows the situation and said she was going to tell him that I had 2 green referrals that needed to be included in my Custom Order. It seems like no matter how much time I spend communicating about this, documenting it in support tickets, nothing is done. I'm not sure what else I'm suppose to do.

I just had no idea that for a week Your Gifts Free has even stopped paying out.

I have to update my 3 referrals about all of this and apologize for all of this. They aren't use to experiencing anything like this with the other 2 networks that I work with.

Thank you for your time in communicating. I just wish I could at least get someone to verify my other 2 greens. And I sure hope you all start paying out soon.

Felicia [/color18fa0c5f3d]