Account on Hold - Duplicated I.P ( College )

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14-11-2007 19:36:15

I'm aware that I've been on hold. Is there anyway I can clear this because I'm at a college and I thought each I.P was unique to the user's computer.
I decided to trade referrals with another guy within my college, but then he changed his mind. I was wondering if it could be possible to remove the account with the duplicate I.P since it was in fact his.

I understand I violated the terms of service, but I hope you could be a bit understanding.

Even with the account with the duplicate IP removed I have a total of nine referrals.

Thank you for your time Yourgiftsfree Admin.


14-11-2007 22:57:52

support ticket would probably work better.


15-11-2007 00:32:29

Yeah I already have a support ticket submitted. Since the YGF admin logs on to this forum I was hoping he would response here as well.