My laptops.ygf site has been in verification since Oct 25th!

Live forum:


06-11-2007 13:09:08

What is going on here....obviously past the 1-2 days claim...YGF Margot has been very helpful but no work from Admin what is going on. It has been 8 business days...Please look into this.

I have PM'd YGF Admin here and opened a support ticket on the ygf site to no avail


06-11-2007 19:47:34

Sorry steve, your account was 1 out of 5 that I couldnt review at my home because everytime I would try to, my computer would crash (too much data). But I did it now at work and it has been approved D , sorry for the hold up.


06-11-2007 22:34:58

Thanks! Please lock this thread