manual credit goes unread for 11 days

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06-11-2007 10:23:21

i have submitted manual credit back on the 25th of last month. it still goes unread. why? no feedback from support what so ever. the way things are going right now doesnt look like i will be doing this site anymore.


06-11-2007 12:13:50

Manual Credits get sent after 30 days.


06-11-2007 17:15:54

well then i guess i should just delete that trade i setup then. because its not worth it anymore. isntant offers should of been instant. and i guess i wasted my time on this site. its a good thing i didnt pay anyone to sign up under me.


09-11-2007 11:28:34

[quotecce5aae69f="YourGiftsFree"]Manual Credits get sent after 30 days.[/quotecce5aae69f]

so are you going to sit there and tell me that the manual credit i submitted is going to go unread for 30 days then get sent to the affiliates? so i would have to wait another 30 days after that then.???? to me that doesnt seem right


09-11-2007 11:37:48

[quote133e684072="Kgturner"][quote133e684072="YourGiftsFree"]Manual Credits get sent after 30 days.[/quote133e684072]

so are you going to sit there and tell me that the manual credit i submitted is going to go unread for 30 days then get sent to the affiliates? so i would have to wait another 30 days after that then.???? to me that doesnt seem right[/quote133e684072]

He sends manual credits at the end of the month I believe but manual credit can take months in it's self to report back...


09-11-2007 11:52:37

You've been registered here since 2005, but judging from your lack of forum activity here as well as this thread, I'm going out on a limb and guessing that you're not really up to speed on the freebie scene of late.

You apparently don't understand how manual crediting works, or the recent changes industry-wide in MCR processing. A site doesn't just give you credit when you submit an MCR. They submit the request to the affiliate or advertiser for confirmation and wait for THEM to issue the credit back the site. It's all automated -- freebie sites themselves typically don't create the credit and give it to you, the credit is initiated by the advertisers and processed automatically by the site's script.

Also, due to rampant fraud and MCR abuse, manual credits were recently made all but extinct across the industry -- the major affiliate networks said "no more manual credit." Gradually some of those restrictions were eased, a few sites started accepting MCR's again for certain offers (not all), and only after certain stipulations were met -- which is where the 30 days comes from I imagine. So consider yourself lucky that you even have the opportunity for an MCR. It's pretty irrelevant whether YGF read your MCR before 30 days anyway, because what would you expect them to do with it? If they can't submit them, what point is there to read them? I'm in the habit of ignoring e-mails that I'm not prepared to deal with yet, leaving them marked as unread so that when I lidoli have time, I can easily see which ones need attention. Perhaps YGF is doing the same?

The freebie scene has changed, and continues to change, drastically from a year or two ago. Like it or not, you just have to roll with it.

sandra habina

09-11-2007 12:37:28

I believe YGF sends their MCR's to the affiliates on the 20th or 30th of the month - and in my experience with them it usually only takes 2 weeks for an answer. This is the way most of the sites are doing it - even #1 Trainn makes you wait after 7 days to send in an MCR and then it takes 2 weeks (10 business days) or longer for an answer.
I have worked with many support teams and I can tell you that YGF SUPPORT IS ALWAYS TRYING TO HELP.

We all have to be more patient - the freebie scene has changed drastically from 10 months ago - this I know.

Hang in there and good luck. D


14-11-2007 12:45:57

i understand all of this. but how are they going to send in for credit if the ticket its self remains unread.? thats what i am getting at. i know it might take some time to hear back from the offers to confirm that i completed them.
10/25/07 (price varies) [bcd811c8bbb]Unread[/bcd811c8bbb] 10/25/07
10/25/07 eAuction Expert [bcd811c8bbb]Unread[/bcd811c8bbb] 10/25/07

see they are still unread.
this is what is listed below each one i put in
This credit request is unread. Credit requests are sent to the affiliate on the 30th of every month.

ok well i put in on the 25th why wasnt it sent out on the 30th?


14-11-2007 13:51:18

Dont worry, they are their and accounted for. We skip the read process and directly send them to the affiliate. So it will weither go from unread to denied, or granted.