WHats with the misleading offers!!!!

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03-11-2007 19:14:52

Ok one of my referrals did Netflix as an offer which says instant but it still hasn't credited. whats going on? if the offer isn't instant then why does it say instant?


04-11-2007 07:03:34

Instant can sometimes mean up to 24 hours. You must be pretty new because except for a select amount of offers that say instant, instant is not really instant and this applies not only to YGF but all the networks.


04-11-2007 07:04:25

Actually, "instant" can often mean several days.


05-11-2007 09:15:42

Netflix can take up to 3 weeks on other sites ...


07-11-2007 15:16:04

ok then why does it say instant. you guys offers suck .


07-11-2007 18:56:20


sandra habina

09-11-2007 12:44:24

Did your trader get the email from Netflix and follow thru with the instructions - they must log in and select their choices.

Perhaps they have not done that. But realize that most instants across the board are NOT instant. It is just a term.



09-11-2007 12:46:30

Especially an instant from any YGF site...