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18-10-2007 22:10:15

I sent a request to cash out could someone take a look at it. Thanks. email= is is


19-10-2007 17:01:09


I show that your order has been received, and approved. If there is anything else I can help you with, please get with me through support at YGF or PM me here.

Thank you so much,

YGF Margot D

sandra habina

29-10-2007 07:28:03

Ditto on this type of request.


29-10-2007 16:32:41

and can I get my 1offer.ygf account credited with the proper amount of credit? been waiting 3 weeks now, talked to you and henry on aim multiple times, sent in support tickets and it still hasn't been credited.


29-10-2007 19:21:57


Admin. is aware of this Sandy, and I do hope it gets taken care of soon.

downthesun, I have fixed the problem for you.

If I can be of further help, please get with me through support.

YGF Margot wink