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04-10-2007 17:35:38

Hello everyone,

We want to eliminate all problems possible with YGF to make your experience much more pleasant. So please, tell us the problems you see with YGF, whether it be bad crediting, a bad design, bad anything. What can we improve. What will make you do YGF, and continue to do it.

Please No personal account questions.


04-10-2007 18:21:21

I think the only problem would be with crediting. It seems not many people are getting credit including my own referrals.

Other than that though you have a great site and I will continue doing it.

Nice to see you are interested in what everyone thinks too.


04-10-2007 19:06:32

Two things, do think crediting needs to be improved and something needs to be done about the load times when you have a lot of referrals. It just shouldn't be like that. Otherwise I think your network is great.


04-10-2007 22:01:15

[quote464b8270bc="nomadant"]the load times when you have a lot of referrals. [/quote464b8270bc]

Definitely, maybe a future feature where you could delete referrals if they are inactive for a month or so?


04-10-2007 23:01:53

please implement partial credits

sandra habina

14-10-2007 03:56:16

Crediting can be slow, more offers would be great and also correct your payout statement - instantly - is not true. And also repeatable sites is a big draw.