Want you all to know I am not ignoring you !!

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24-09-2007 19:25:20

Hello Everyone,

For those of you who have put in a support ticket in the last 24 hours, I want to assure you that you are not being ignored. Something is preventing me from logging in, and admin is doing his utmost to take care of the problem.

I appreciate your patience wink

Thank you,

YGF Margot )


26-09-2007 13:32:49

I would also like to appologize for not being online or on aim as much as I would want to. there has been many things going on with me at the moment and last night I was very ill. also, I left my aim logged on two night ago,my schools computer lab, so if anybody messaged me and felt ignored, im sorry about that, it wasn't my intention and its all my fault. I am at school right now, not 100% healthy but when I get home I will work on reviewing your accounts. sorry once again.



27-09-2007 15:01:16

Hello Henry,

I sure hope you are feeling much better!

Margot )

sandra habina

29-09-2007 01:38:33

Ditto Henry - feel better soon.