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25-08-2007 10:27:35

Hello everyone. For the last few months, you have known me as YGF Bill. I have done what I could to help all the users, and while there have been some rough times, I am fairly confident that most people have not had any real issue with me or the support I could offer on YGF.

However, I am here to announce that, effective at 1201 AM EST tomorrow, I will no longer be working for the YGF network. This is not due to me being fired or anything like that; it was a mutual split with no hard feelings on either side.

I will continue to answer tickets sent in today, but any ticket submitted after midnight tonight will not be answered by me. I just thought I would let the users know that I will no longer be able to help them after tonight. I'm sorry that this announcement is so sudden and without much notice, but certain situations moved the timeframe forward and so the split would be easier by not delaying it.

Thanks to all those that have appreciated what I have done while working for YGF, and hopefully we can keep talking when I no longer work for them. To those who don't think highly of me, maybe we can still talk, too.

-YGF Bill


25-08-2007 11:42:08

I wish you the best in future endeavors. You made support great. Thanks for answering all my tickets and questions in such a timely mannner.


25-08-2007 13:56:05

Aw you are the one that has been answering my support tickets and giving me all that help (

Good luck wth your future!

sandra habina

25-08-2007 19:10:24

Oh boy - there goes the best part of YGF support. And I do mean that Bill. Now what am I gonna do?

I hope we can still chat. Everytime I read one of your posts - it is always very respectful and helpful to all involved. I hope you will still be posting as much. As always Bill, thankyou for all your help.


25-08-2007 21:39:51

Thanks you everyone for your kind words.

And Sandra ... I don't want you to think that my leaving YGF means that the best part of YGF support is gone. Well, I know that a large part of it is (after all, I was support), but that is not a reflection that the site is in trouble, since Henry still works there, and I am sure that YGF will get someone to replace me soon (and no, I don't mean that to sound negative).

Still, I appreciate the kind words, and will continue to try and be a helpful member of the forum. Maybe the mods will take me in, too ... unless it requires a large time commitment, which I can't offer any site at this time.


25-08-2007 21:57:46

Sorry to hear about this Bill (. I will try to help out as soon as I can, I will not be doing Support Tickets, but I will help out in other situations. Good luck bro.


26-08-2007 07:11:20

And good luck to you, too, Henry. I am sure that the Admin will hire someone to do my job, but for now, I think you are going to be the face of support ... I'm sure you will be great.


27-08-2007 23:18:44

MMM was the key to YGF!
You will be missed.
Thanks for all the help with the million problems I had with my account! Lol.


28-08-2007 08:36:25

I miss you already, Bunny (

Oh well - I guess that means I get to harass you in the forums again like I do everybody else - where's that rabbit stew pic I had...? ;)