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24-08-2007 16:13:36

[bf2b308dc0d]YGF, Fuck your system! thanks for wasting my time and taking my money. you win. fuck you and everyone who's about to jump on me for posting this.[/bf2b308dc0d]


24-08-2007 16:22:29

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24-08-2007 18:45:02

YGF is the best of the best what is wrong with you?


24-08-2007 22:27:40

THE BEST? i signed up, completed an offer... got 5 of 6 refs.. and as now, i have no credit for me (after denied credit request).. and only 1 green.....THEY'RE THE BEST? wtf!?. but whats the use to complaining here.. or support tickets? they did nothing for me... So FUCK THEM, I REALLY WISH I COULD MEET THE DUDE WHO RUNS YGF.


25-08-2007 00:32:49

With that attitude I doubt you will find help, did you even clear your cookies correctly?