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21-08-2007 14:11:40

It's awfully strange that the YGF admins profile shows he last visited this forum on the 20th of august. He has not corrected any issue with my account at this point and I also noticed that he and Bill aren't even replying to other questions on this forum and also at FLR. I'm not one to B!tch, but man o man, I don't think there has ever been a Freebie network as shady as this one, at least in the 2 years I have been recruiting.


21-08-2007 14:25:09

What issue do u have with your account?


21-08-2007 14:25:53

What questions are going unanswered?

And consider support through the forums a bonus as they don't' have to provide support through the forums.


21-08-2007 14:34:42

Yea, i'm sorry.....just venting off here cause I didn't think I would ever be one to go through this with YGF. I've been one of thier Top recruiters for 3 months now and never posted a single negitive thread on them regardless of all the inconvienences I deal with monthly, to the point that I'm now considering getting out the freebie business lol.....anyways, this is what the Thread was regarding....Somehow I accidentally posted it as a thread, it was meant to be a reply to the Thread I already made. Sorry about that. oops



22-08-2007 11:20:55

I will say this. I did reply to your thread, and your tickets ... but unfortunately, as I said, there is nothing I can do to help you out, other than letting the admin know, which I have done. I don't always comment of forum threads, because a lot of time they are people 'blowing off steam' or it is a question about something that's already answered. Please do not think that just because I don't post something in every single thread that is made in the YGF forum, that it implies somehow that we aren't looking into the issue. If I feel my input is needed, I will comment, but often times there really isn't anything that needs my direct input.


22-08-2007 13:35:56

Admin is taking care of the issue right now. Thanks Bill, I know you've been doing all you can as well. Problem should be resolved today.