Whats goin on here?

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09-08-2007 18:22:56

can someone let me know the status of my ref that disappeared. i was getting prompt support ticket responses up until i was told that my ref is now showing up under someone else's account. now i'm being ignored. my email= is email=hackingthebox@gmail.comhackingthebox@gmail.com is email=hackingthebox@gmail.comhackingthebox@gmail.com/email


09-08-2007 22:39:03

and yet again IGNORED!


10-08-2007 07:07:09

You are not ignored. You did, however, forget to read the topic I posted a few days ago http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=67933

You are not being ignored, tickets are just delayed. I assure you I will get to your tickets as soon as I can, but please, don't be rude about it.


10-08-2007 07:25:52

Yeah, seriously. People need to chill out.


10-08-2007 07:57:37

I think we need a "chill-out" smilie. Where's Tholek?


10-08-2007 12:46:40

just alittle frustrated..thats all. when i SHOULD have 1 credit and 4 ref's... and as of now i have NO credit and 1 ref.

shock <---trying to "chill" out..


10-08-2007 16:41:19

They moved servers, don't worry.


10-08-2007 19:28:23

as long as i [udfeade7433]eventually[/udfeade7433] get credit for my offer and all the ref's i get, im cool. what are you chances of that happening?


10-08-2007 20:13:49

[quote4b2746c39a="Mrmephistor"]as long as i [u4b2746c39a]eventually[/u4b2746c39a] get credit for my offer and all the ref's i get, im cool. what are you chances of that happening?[/quote4b2746c39a]

If you had credit before, you will get it back. It is all documented so dont worry. Youre not going to get ripped off here.


12-08-2007 14:08:28

If this is true, then now come they are now asking me for proof that it was my ref? what kind of proof can i give besides knowing the email address?


12-08-2007 20:46:38

As I said in the ticket, we are just asking for proof that they did sign up under you, and I told you what would probably count. Just knowing someone's email address is not proof enough ... I know all the users email addresses for the YGF network, that doesn't mean I could get them all moved under me without proof.

I'm not against you, and I said it in the ticket, too, we are just trying to crack down on fraud. Asking for a little proof besides their email isn't that much of a problem, now is it?