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06-08-2007 09:45:49

Hey Guys! I was curious if YGF had any intentions of making partial referral credits eligible for payments? I've had multiple ref's start the site, but never complete it. Currently...I have a few users with .5 with 1...and one with 1.5. I've attempted to get them to finish the site, but they aren't interested. I'm assuming that YGF will receive payments for these leads?

Can you guys let me know if I have any options here? Or...if you plan to start allowing submission of partials as several other networks are doing?

Thanks... 8)


06-08-2007 13:31:38

At this moment, we only pay for full credits and not half credits, maybe in the future we will, but its a BIG maybe.


06-08-2007 16:05:19

Ok...I understand...I've tried to get them to complete the site...might as well for the money that I'd pay them, but for whatever reason...they don't seem interested?

Thanks for the reply!! ... 8)