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Easy Bling

05-08-2007 15:54:00

Hey Bill, I have quite a few people that would like to be added to me as a referral, but have signed up under someone else or already signed up unreferred. Is is possible for them to be transferred to my account, provided that they didn't complete their 2 credit requirement with the other person? If they can, what information would they need to submit?

Thanks Bill!



05-08-2007 23:23:44

If they have done even 1 offer, then the answer is no, they cannot be moved under you.

If they are unreferred and have done no offers, they can submit a support ticket requesting to be transfered under your ID.

If they are referred and haven't done any offers, they will need their current referrer to submit a support ticket so we know that they know their ref will no longer be signed up under them. Then they (the ref to be moved) will submit a support ticket asking to be moved under your ID.

Remember, though If they have done even 1 offer, they cannot change referrers. There have been virtually no exceptions to that rule.