My account [which had a full credit greened] dissapeared...

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26-07-2007 23:10:07

[A month or more ago] I could not log in, so I contacted YGF Bill, who said I was simply not in their system, and referenced me to the site operator who every few days would respond with requests for emails and links and such. I could not find the sign-up confirmation but I do have all the 'account credited' confirmations. On his request, I forwarded these to the admin, and now he has made no response to those emails or my PMs on the site. I have read about the site and believe it is a genuinely good site, but this is really starting to annoy me. I would LOVE to use the site but I don't want to have to sign up for another 4 offers.


27-07-2007 06:39:34

Could you refresh my memory as to your email that you used for our sites, and possible an ID number for your account and your referrer's ID (if you were referred).

I'd be happy to try and find out what happened for you, but I need any/all of this information as a starting place.


29-07-2007 10:20:07


That's my correspondence with you. Here it is with the owner


After those two conversations, I've gotten no contact, except for the occasional PM response with the owner saying nothing he hadn't already said in that second link. Whenever I say "Hello?" on AIM I get no response. So... there ya go.


08-08-2007 20:30:48

A little update Since you guys had that little free full credit on signup offer, I just made an account so assuming that doesn't violate anything [which it shouldn't, since your server lost my info, right?] my problem is more or less solved!


09-08-2007 06:14:18

If the information is truly lost, then you should be good ) Hopefully the admin will respond here, too.


09-08-2007 07:10:15

[quoted22dd3819e="moviemadnessman"]If the information is truly lost, then you should be good ) Hopefully the admin will respond here, too.[/quoted22dd3819e]

Yes, correct.