My order was denied

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22-07-2007 14:11:55

I placed my order for $100 July 20th. I figured with all the problems being reported, I should try for one prize and see what happens.

Well, they responded quickly...but with a denial. They say my IP address is the same as other users and other people doing referrals, but this is certainly not because anyone in my household is doing such. I live in the middle of nowhere with my grandmother, mother, and their significant others who know NOTHING about GPT.

We have Hughes Net satellite Internet, so I don't know if this means anything. There is NO other Internet in this area except dial-up. I can prove who I am and where I live. I can guarantee you no one in my house would come up in their system if they checked me out. (

This has been a very disappointing experience. I don't know if this "problem" is unique to YourGiftsFree. I have been working on three of their sites (AllForOne, NoCreditCard, and DIY).

I sent in a support ticket, but reading some of the posts on this forum I'm not expecting to get my $100. I would also like to know anyone else with similar experiences...if I move out (which I am anyway) and resume the two sites I am not on hold on with another Internet service provider, will I lose the credits I have already? Or I am automatically banned?


22-07-2007 17:14:01

Ok, it's funny you mention this problem. I just had that problem with cashing out on two referrals (you can see my thread called "This is ridiculous!"), one went on hold for having the same IP address as another user but what it was was he had Satelite internet which you apparently have. His hold was removed which was great so chances are yours should be too, just submitt a support ticket about it.


22-07-2007 21:11:31

I did get it straight.


23-07-2007 06:57:17

Glad it worked out for you.