Can anyone tell me????

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21-07-2007 13:24:16

I placed my order in the wee hours of July 4th for $100 with one completed referral. I then had another one complete on July 6th and sent in a support ticket asking for them to switch my order to $200. That was done. I've been waiting ever since with everyone else.

Now today with a lot of people getting paid, I checked my acct and lo and behold it now says 1 completed. But yet I have received no communication from ygf as to what happened. Is it not possible for this site to inform people when something changes? I'm guessing that is why I haven't been paid but who knows?

I sent a support ticket so hopefully someone will contact me soon.



21-07-2007 13:58:43

Are you sure your referral didn't go on hold for no reason, like mine did? Scroll down on the page and see if there are any notes from the admin.


21-07-2007 14:27:27



21-07-2007 18:13:55

Momsdirect, I believe I answered your question already.


22-07-2007 08:43:14

Yes you have now and my acct has been fixed. Now just waiting for approval and payment.



22-07-2007 14:05:23

No problem. And you should be paid soon.