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20-07-2007 22:09:50

Hey. I was just wondering if you guys plan to add more offers. I seen that there are only like 8 offers up right now. What happend to the other affiliate that you used for ValueMax and all of them offers? Thanks


20-07-2007 22:49:15

This was posted a few days ago
[quote823c379e94="YourGiftsFree"]As for offer updates, until the end of July, all offers sponsored by Vertue will be removed from our sites, so please bear with us as we try to obtain these offers with a different affiliate. However, there isn't just bad news, as we are in the process of adding a new FREE (that's right, $0.00) half-credit offer.[/quote823c379e94]

So, the offers are gone for the rest of the month, but then they will be back near the beginning of August (if not sooner, if they can be obtained from another affiliate). Have patience, young one )


21-07-2007 09:30:52

Its not really about patience on this one. The remaining offers that are left have been the offers that have been crediting at a very low rate as of late. The ones you took down, were the ones that actually came through in terms of crediting. If you could find out more details as to when these offers are gonna come back, so I can tell my referrals whether or not to do this site, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.


21-07-2007 18:11:26

Vijay, I already said when they will be back in my first post. I don't have a specific time and date, but I can't see it taking longer than that first weekend in August at most.