A not happy person!!! YGF needs to payout!

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20-07-2007 20:41:38

[quotec19914c27a="YourGiftsFree"]I believe you may have the problem. You never once asked "why is my order delayed." You seem to be confused with the status message of "Delayed! Please contact us", "Approved" and "Submitted for approval". Your posts will no longer be responded to. You must use the support ticket system for a response.[/quotec19914c27a]

THIS IS FUNNY!!!! Yeah you are telling me to respond to the support tickets you dont read!!!
READ THIS!!! I sent this support ticket in response to my status changing to "delayed please contact us" on 7/8

Notice I sent in to support 9 minutes after my status had changed!!! And they had no idea!!!

http/" alt=""/img55.imageshack.us/img="55/9827/ygfstausqk1.jpg[" alt=""/imgc19914c27a]

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Now what? - Opened On 07/08/07, 0743 PM EDT

On 07/08/07, 0743 PM EDT, you wrote

"Ok I do not understand why you did not contact me? But I am contacting you now.......
What's Up?
cary bruce"

On 07/08/07, 0819 PM EDT, YourGiftsFree Bill wrote

"I don\'t have any idea what you are talking about. Can you please elaborate?"

On 07/08/07, 0831 PM EDT, you wrote

"I just got an email saying that there was a change in the status of my order. I went to the site and this message was in my order status.....
06/10/07, 0752 PM EDT $599 PayPal Delayed! 07/08/07, 0734 PM EDT
Please contact us.
So I contacted you!
This would be alot easier on AIM.... ASharpEdge05

On 07/09/07, 1246 PM EDT, YourGiftsFree Bill wrote

"Getting on AIM is not always a possibility for me, especially on the weekends when I am often not at my computer. I can only be on AIM when I\'m on one of my computers, and that\'s generally in the early and late parts of the day (but not a guarantee, sadly).

And I just looked at the order, and the only thing I can see is that we need your Paypal address."

On 07/09/07, 0919 PM EDT, you wrote


On 07/10/07, 0318 AM EDT, YourGiftsFree Bill wrote

"Ok, we will note it."

On 07/21/07, 1218 AM EDT, YourGiftsFree Admin wrote

"Your PayPal email must be verified. That is why it is delayed."

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[quotec19914c27a="YourGiftsFree"]First off, it took you one month to ask why you were delayed, don't blame us for waiting that long. Also, I believe you need to respond, since the last response is from us.[/quotec19914c27a]
[ic19914c27a]Ok so 12 days after I submit my paypal they ask me to prove it is verified?????[/ic19914c27a]
[quotec19914c27a="ASharpEdge"]You are killing me!!!
I responded in 9 minutes not 1 month!!!!! also you just posted the support response. 11 days after I gave my last response. everyone has you figured out! I am done![/quotec19914c27a]

My paypal is email==ASharpEdge@sbcglobal.netASharpEdge@sbcglobal.net=ASharpEdge@sbcglobal.netASharpEdge@sbcglobal.net/email
I have had this email for at least 5 years. here is a small screenshot....

[img="c19914c27a]http/" alt=""/img64.imageshack.us/img="64/33/paypalscreensw5.jpg[" alt=""/imgc19914c27a]

[bc19914c27a]It has been verified for a LLOOONNNGGGGG TIME!!!
So I am not sure what you mean by I need to be verified!
Also in case you come up with this one next......
I sent in my ID and W-9 3 days after Black Thusday. So you should have that on file as well![/bc19914c27a]

[size=18c19914c27a]I think you should just stop responding and just pay me.
Everytime you type Poo Poo comes out!
I have proven you wrong every time!!![/sizec19914c27a]


20-07-2007 21:25:54

I found the problem.

You typed your paypal email. Wrong. So it showed up like this.



21-07-2007 11:45:14

ASharpEdge, do not continue making new threads complaining about the same issue. This is at least the 3rd one I've seen. You've been told numerous times that YGF is a reputable company with many happy customers, and now it's apparent that your mistake is the cause of this delay. Consider this your last warning.

[b4d79d3028b]EDIT[/b4d79d3028b] I reopened this thread since CG asked you to confine your posts to here. Fair enough. Keep the discussion in here and do not create a bunch of new posts/threads elsewhere to complain about this same thing.