Major problem with crediting...

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16-07-2007 05:28:43

Hey, you guys have a major problem with offer crediting. My referral has is at 1.5 and has done three offers since right after you switched from 1/4 to 1/2 and none of the three have credited (granted he did two of the three last night) and they were all suppose to be instant. He did Shopping Essentials, Privacy Matters and Passport to Fun (these are the three aside from the three he did that did credit). Can you please look into this? My email= is is and he's the only referral I have sitting at 1.5 credits. Thank you.


16-07-2007 06:27:34

I looked to check that they did click on the offers that you listed, and it appears that they have. However, the two they did less than 12 hours ago. The one, however, was done days ago, so I don't know. They are now eligible to file for manual credit on that one, though.

I don't know if there is anything wrong with the crediting at this time, but if there is, hopefully the admin will not only let me know but look into this for you as well.


16-07-2007 11:55:45

Thank you for taking a look.

Update He was credited. ) Now if I can just add him to my existing order.


16-07-2007 17:38:54

Crediting is delayed at the moment.