I still have a problem...

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09-07-2007 14:20:13

Ok, see you guys changed the system around and thats good because all my referrals are now where they're suppose to be as far as credits go. However, I am not. You see when I signed up with your site you guys had a True.com offer going that was 1/3 of a credit. I did that along with three other offers that were at the time 1/4. Now that the system is updated the 1/4 offers that I did easily translated to 1/2 offers but the 1/3 didn't change at all. Shouldn't that have been changed (even though you don't have the offer anymore) to 2/3 to accomodate the people who had done that offer in the past?


09-07-2007 14:29:34

It has now been fixed.


09-07-2007 14:31:45

Awesome, thanks alot.