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08-07-2007 21:04:56

Today all of sudden my staus changed from 0.75/1 to 0.75/2 ?
What is going on here? x


08-07-2007 21:07:23

Please read the post on the main page, the email sent out, or the post here.

Every offer is now worth 1/2 credit and you need 2 credits. Nothing changed, still need to do 4 offers. Send in a ticket asking for your credits to be changed, it will be changed to 1.5/2


09-07-2007 08:39:53

This is bs....I had 6 completed refs, I should be allowed to cash out for those.


09-07-2007 08:42:35

[quote8109dcb78b="supersponger1979"]This is bs....I had 6 completed refs, I should be allowed to cash out for those.[/quote8109dcb78b]Nothing has changed. All your green refs from the old system will be green now. You just need for the system to update you and your refs accounts, that's all.

To the user, the change is a superficial one, where everything is double where credits are concerned. It was an update to help our system work better.


09-07-2007 09:28:34

You had me scared for a sec there...I sent you a support ticket on allforone


09-07-2007 10:06:05

So did I.


09-07-2007 14:03:25

Everything should be fixed.


09-07-2007 16:24:40

Yup everything is fixed. I just re-submitted for approval after my account was put on hold, then taken off.