Important! Payments

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07-07-2007 18:50:25

I had a payment approved a couple of days ago and my status says that shipping is instant but I have not received my payment yet. Is there some sort of problem that I am unaware of?



07-07-2007 18:52:25

There's not really a problem.If you were approved then you should receive it in a few days. The last time I was approved it took about a day or so to receive the money.


07-07-2007 21:32:46

I have also been approved for few days now with no payment yet. I got the message that they ship instantly so I am hoping to receive it by the end of the weekend.


07-07-2007 22:47:45

Recently companies have slowed down their shipping a little for fraud prevention.
Also another possibility is that they're simply backed up.



08-07-2007 12:38:06

I know that we have a lot of users waiting for payment, but I do not know when orders will be caught up. I have asked a few times for an answer, but haven't gotten one, so all I can ask is that you remain patient in this matter.

Thank you.