What is going on here?

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03-07-2007 13:14:18

I submitted for approval on 6/27 it said i was denied because one of my refs went red. within a day or two I had 2 more refs that went green. So thats a total of 5 refs when i only needed 4. it was resubmitted and i was denied again because it said 2 of my refs went red yet they are still green. I talked to ygfbill on aim about it and he said the admin notes didn't make much sense to him but he would let the admin know and get back to me. My problem is admin is never around anymore and the site has been down more than its up the last few days. All i'm asking is to get paid...


03-07-2007 13:18:48

If I remember correctly, you had a support ticket in, too, which I forwarded to the admin after we talked. I'm sure he will get back to you just as soon as he can.


03-07-2007 14:18:39


I'm sorry you feel ''I'm never around anymore'' when I am on everyday answering questions and working with the site.

Also, the site has gone down for 10-15 minute time periods 2-3 times a day. Its certainly up more than its down.

Anyway,if bill sent me the ticket it will be answered. Please be patient.



03-07-2007 17:07:56

i think he's been concerned because you haven't been online for the past week that i've seen..... i was wondering, but it's good to see you are around.... if you could hop on IM sometime in the next day though i'd like to ask you a question (i completed Stamps.com a few days ago and no credit!)