Thanks for the help!!!

Live forum:


01-07-2007 14:48:59

I was having a problem...ALL fixed!

01-07-2007 18:32:03

My support tickets were answered in hours


01-07-2007 21:32:03

During the week, I am generally on AIM from about 9 am - 1 pm EST and then at night from about 10 pm - midnight or so. The weekends don't apply...I am hoping to change this, but for now, that's how it is.

Also, I would like to say that I generally get back to everyone's tickets very quickly, and if I don't that means I was having the Admin look into it. I don't say anything because that removes the ticket from the line and then your issue wouldn't get taken care of. That is also going to change, and so all tickets should begin getting at least some response within 24 hours of being submitted.

That said, it is STILL an issue that the Admin has to do for you. I'm sorry things have been so delayed for you, and that support hasn't been that readily available, but now you know what's going on. Also, others can attest to my support on the site. Hopefully your issue will be resolved soon.


02-07-2007 08:32:32

Ya'll need to be a little patient and give them a break!

I've had NO PROBLEM with support - either AIM or support tickets. There are many of us and a few of them. With all of the catching up from last month's events, surely you can cut them some slack!

BTW - People also need to have some time to themselves, so if that means they take a weekend, then I think it's deserved.

Sorry if this seems a bit abrupt, but the complaining lately is just abominable!

Good job, bunny! D


02-07-2007 14:26:03

I hope it gets resolved soon as well. I sent a PM to YourGiftsFree with a screenshot of the site as I see it.

Also I have been patient. I have been waiting since 6/10! That is more than 3 weeks now. But I will have to wait longer I guess. It is not in my control. I just get very frustrated seeing other people posting their payouts. I am waiting on a $600 payout as well. But I did not get mine yet.

And Thanks moviemadnessman. You have been helpful to me in the past.


02-07-2007 14:58:30

When the site goes back up again, your PM will be reviewed.