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30-06-2007 21:41:29

Myself and 10 of my referrals have not received credit after waiting for days and there are no more manual credit requests. Has anyone else been having problems with this site? What are my options at this point if there are no more offers I can complete on the site?


01-07-2007 20:53:30

I am having the same problem... I've done two offers (worth 1.5 credits total), sent in support tickets, and not received credit for either. This is the last message given to me

On 07/01/07, 1229 PM EDT, YourGiftsFree Bill wrote

"Unfortunately, my answer is going to be the same. We can\'t accept this in any way, because we can\'t do anything with it. If the affiliates have not reported back that you have done an offer, then we cannot credit it."

I am just as frustrated as you. Seems pointless since was have the proof from the companies that emailed us... not like I know how to go about making up those proof of purchase emails.

I would like to be bring in referrals for this site, but if I am get treated this way, there is no way I am going to throw anyone else into the mess.

What to do? I don't know...


01-07-2007 21:10:18

As of now, we do not accept manual credit requests.