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23-06-2007 21:10:41

It would be great if people could post here once they are approved/paid, along with the date and time they submitted , that way we can keep track of how things are coming along and know what to expect as some of us have been waiting for 2 weeks.

My Info

Submitted 6/12 @11pm

Approved No

Paid N/A


23-06-2007 23:23:03

It is because of delayed affiliate payments, which in turn make us site owners delay payments to our users.


23-06-2007 23:51:14

Thanks COT, Im Fully aware of that, however, YGF has resumed payments today and MOST members, including several of my friends have been wondering how far they have come along, so this can help ppl keep track or see the progress being made and perhaps give them a small idea of how much longer they might be waiting


24-06-2007 08:17:11

We have processed about 50 orders, and have more to go. It will resume once the site is live again.


24-06-2007 19:33:06

06/21/07, 0940 PM CDT $120 PayPal Approved 06/21/07, 1101 PM CDT


25-06-2007 05:53:03

I submitted my order on 6/11. I received payment today 6/25! Thanks! YGF is awesome!


25-06-2007 08:04:04

All orders that have been submitted prior to 6/14 have been reviewed. Those that were submitted on 6/14 and up are the next batch to be viewed.


25-06-2007 08:24:19

So after everything is caught up will payments go back to normal or will there still be delays in the payment schedule from now on?


25-06-2007 08:52:13

We hope to go back to normal. That's the plan, anyways.