New Verification System. [Important]

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23-06-2007 10:17:59

In conjunction with our affiliates' efforts to lower the amount of fraud evidently prevalent in the incentivized marketing community, The YourGiftsFree Network has installed a verification aspect to our business that will further help in lowering fraudulent activity.
From here on out, whenever a user submits an order they will receive an automated phone call, to the number which they provided upon initial sign up. During this short call the user will be given a three to five-digit verification code which they will enter on their order page, and upon successful submittance of this code, users may then place their order. Please note that this is a TOLL FREE phone call on the user's end, and they will not be charged in any way whatsoever.
This new security aspect of the business will help to lower fraud and aid in preservation of the freebie community. It also helps in protecting our business, our affiliates, and a majority of our users, those who complete the process in a truthful and correct manner.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact YourGiftsFree support via support ticket, private message, or by means of our two AIM screennames (YourGiftsFree and YGF Bill).


23-06-2007 10:52:10

does that in anyway effect the current orders? I mean, I dont mind getting a phone call, but does that mean i have to then place my order all over?


23-06-2007 10:58:50

We are reviewing phone numbers for recent orders, but you won't be receiving a call. If, however, for some reason we find that their appears to be some discrepancy with the number listed, you will be let known of it and may have to re-submit your order and go through the telephone verification procedure.


23-06-2007 14:00:23

So we need to use our home phones numbers? I usually use my Cell as it's always on me.....


23-06-2007 14:12:15

A cell is fine!


23-06-2007 15:43:59

Still waiting on mine.. any chance you can get it out tonight?


23-06-2007 15:54:44

You didn't get it yet?


23-06-2007 16:12:43

[quoteb4587cc579="YourGiftsFree"]You didn't get it yet?[/quoteb4587cc579]

Ohh, well, sorta. Check PMs. Thanks )


23-06-2007 18:16:42

When I got the phone call from the verification worked. P

That woman sounds so hot on the phone, what's her name/number? P


23-06-2007 20:03:38

I'm still waiting to be approved.

Oh well, I'm patient, I've waited this much, might as well wait another day. No biggie.


23-06-2007 20:38:12

What if people move and their number changes...


23-06-2007 20:54:15

[quote57041dc8ff="kala"]What if people move and their number changes...[/quote57041dc8ff]

They send in a support ticket and we will look into it.


23-06-2007 20:58:31

[quote22fc326e56="YourGiftsFree"][quote22fc326e56="kala"]What if people move and their number changes...[/quote22fc326e56]

They send in a support ticket and we will look into it.[/quote22fc326e56]

Did you get my PM?


24-06-2007 07:56:44

How quickly does the verification call take to call you? Example, if I submit order at 1200, when can I expect the verification call?


24-06-2007 08:02:11

It takes 30 seconds to 2 minutes.


24-06-2007 09:39:20

Will it leave a message if it's gets a voicemail/answering machine? P


24-06-2007 10:19:03

[quote461f8235b7="dmorris68"]Will it leave a message if it's gets a voicemail/answering machine? P[/quote461f8235b7]

Place an order and find out ;)

Actually, I'm not sure. I don't think so,

Easy Bling

24-06-2007 10:50:45

sooo...I submitted for approval on the 18th, but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to get a phone call or if I'm to be verified the old way. I'll be home all day today ;) (This is for the allforone site and the e-mail used is {my name here}, THANKS!)


24-06-2007 13:44:28

You will only be receiving a phone call if you go to submit for approval from here on out. We are review phone numbers during approval, but if you had already submitted prior to yesterday, you shouldn't be receiving any call.


24-06-2007 18:16:01

I submitted for approval on the 17th. Should I get a phone call? I signed all your sites with my work cell phone that I must keep at work, do I need to put in a supprt ticket and use my home phone number? How does that work if I use dial up? I cannot take a call if i get called back right away.


24-06-2007 18:24:41


If you submitted an order already you wont get a call.


24-06-2007 18:31:49

Well since my original order was deleted I tried to resubmit,but I never got any verification call and my support tickets were never answered.


24-06-2007 19:01:58

[quotea069dd80a4="diamond22"]Well since my original order was deleted I tried to resubmit,but I never got any verification call and my support tickets were never answered.[/quotea069dd80a4]

You submitted the ticket a few hours ago. Please be patient. The call was sent to the number on file.


24-06-2007 19:51:41

I was here all day and my phone never rang.


24-06-2007 20:11:48

We found a glitch. It wont call if you had a - in your number. We are updating the script to remove the dashes right no and allow you to call again. I will post here when its done. It will take about 5-10 minutes.


25-06-2007 11:44:00

I submitted for approval on the 19, and still nothing (