PAID $5000 since may 5th from

Live forum:


14-06-2007 07:17:00

This site rocks!

They pay out faster than most other sites. they pay better than most other sites and they have about the same green ratio as the other sites I am working on.

You guys ROCK!

Here is a screenshot of payment proof.

http//[" alt=""/imgfa609e1437]


14-06-2007 16:12:08



14-06-2007 16:17:14

Definitely congrats worthy!


16-06-2007 10:43:55

But does that mean you have to get a green yourself every time you do another order?


16-06-2007 11:37:30 just get your green reset.


16-06-2007 12:20:10

how do u get your green reset?


16-06-2007 12:21:58

[quote5db219d03c="nrmax88"]how do u get your green reset?[/quote5db219d03c]
U just open a support ticket and let them know


16-06-2007 17:40:42

what do you mean have your green reset? wouldn't that imply you have to go green again.


18-06-2007 18:02:15

Where did you get all those refs? You only have a TR of 4 here...?


18-06-2007 22:46:16

[quote9b8096f2b8="nrmax88"]how do u get your green reset?[/quote9b8096f2b8]

Id like to know too.


18-06-2007 23:16:39

he has like 200 something on FLR


19-06-2007 05:30:35

[quote164ed50d3c="darklight"][quote164ed50d3c="nrmax88"]how do u get your green reset?[/quote164ed50d3c]

Id like to know too.[/quote164ed50d3c]It was already answered in the post right after that one You simply submit a support ticket, and we reset you.
[quote164ed50d3c="b_gojkovich"]what do you mean have your green reset? wouldn't that imply you have to go green again.[/quote164ed50d3c]No. We simply make it so that your credits that you have appear not to be used. You don't have to go green again.

And Roberto ... I can't remember if I commented in one of the other threads, but if not Congrats!


19-06-2007 10:22:04

Thanks for the congrats.

I love that site.

The key thing to getting referrals is to pay a fair share of the profit and to be responsive to people that you refer.

it doesnt hurt to be active in multiple forums either. ;)