Sites are down for now...please read. [ BACK UP! :) ]

Live forum:


13-06-2007 13:56:04

Yeah, I'm making this because neither MMM or YGF are on...and I'm being nice.

The sites are down until the host fixes the SQL bug. Something is wrong with the way the server accesses the databases. I have a website hosted on that server and it's bugging out on me as just be patient and things will eventually be fixed.

The owner of the server is not available at the moment, I tried contacting him. When he's online I'll let him know about the problem.

Until then, don't be frightened, scared or paranoid. Everything will be fine and hopefully be up tonight.

Note I do not work for YourGiftsFree.



13-06-2007 14:26:44

I just spoke to the host about the issue. He's looking into it now.


13-06-2007 14:33:52

Okay. Problems have been fixed. D


13-06-2007 15:46:06

Thanks for keeping us updated TFOAF!!!!! D Karma coming at ya!!!!


13-06-2007 18:07:31

Yea thanks


13-06-2007 20:35:15

Much appreciated, Foaf. )