An interesting idea

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29-05-2007 12:55:46

Im in a trade deal where the person got half credit and dissapeared.

would you consider paying for half greens as welll as greens.

like if someone got 1.5 greens the pay would be $75


29-05-2007 13:29:15

I have a LOT of partial credit refs on allforone. It would REALLY suck for them to go to waste...


29-05-2007 14:26:53

Yeah, having partial credits add up to 1 full credit with different referrals would be a great idea. Like I saw mentioned in another thread, you guys still get paid when a referral completes one or two offers, why shouldn't we?


29-05-2007 15:26:07

because thats how sites like YGF make some called a profit my friend = )


29-05-2007 15:46:12

Yeah, it's been suggested a few times, don't think its gonna happen.


29-05-2007 19:14:41

Yeah, getting paid for half credits would be awesome.


29-05-2007 19:43:29

lets just wait for a response... i've got about 5 half credits sitting on my cameras site


29-05-2007 19:45:49

Sorry everyone, for now we do not use half credits and only use completed referrals.


29-05-2007 19:46:50

'( crying


29-05-2007 21:12:07

[quotef28a650a34="jdizzle314"]because thats how sites like YGF make some called a profit my friend = )[/quotef28a650a34]

Alright, sue me, I forgot all about the actual person running things making a profit.