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28-05-2007 14:26:52

Happy Memorial Day! [/colora7dabf16d4][/sizea7dabf16d4]

Posting my first thread on my own!! Whooo Hoooo!!!! I am excited!!! Check out my feeback.

[ba7dabf16d4]Really [/ba7dabf16d4][/colora7dabf16d4]want to go whole hog on this and am very serious about making the $$... for myself, to be able to stay home with my daughter, go back to school and to be able to help others here. But I need to START SOMEWHERE!!!
Have 6 trades under the belt. Yeah for me!! )

Any one who would like to help me out and get me going would be [ba7dabf16d4]GREATLY APPRECIATED[/ba7dabf16d4][/colora7dabf16d4][/sizea7dabf16d4]. AS soon as I recieve my first pay out from these sites, I will be offering top dollar for greens. Not afraid to hand out the cash! LOL

Please check out the two sites I am concentrating on and PM me if you are willing to do me the favor. I wnt to finish them so I can PAY MORE!!

I am an honest person, hard working single mom and really serious about passing on the success that we all can have. I need to complete these two sites

AllForOne.YourGiftsFree.com[/sizea7dabf16d4][/colora7dabf16d4] Paying 20.00 on Green through Pay Pal (Need 5)

paypal.key2free.com[/sizea7dabf16d4] [/colora7dabf16d4]Paying 20.00 on Green through Pay Pal (Need 5)

PM me if you can go green for me. I'll get back to you right away!!!



28-05-2007 14:29:30

OH God I am so sorry. Thought I was in a trading thread. Still new. Please forgive me.


28-05-2007 14:33:26

We love new people ... but it's a good thing you said that you were mistaken )

Good luck in your trades.