A few updates/reminders.

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26-05-2007 13:09:26

Hey Everyone,

We would like to keep you updated on some new improvements coming up soon for YGF.


We would like to announce that we are developing instant crediting. It should be done very, very, soon. This means more accurate crediting and no more waiting!


We have received an influx of many new users the past 2 months. This has been causing many more orders, questions, and more. We will be having another support rep in the near future to answer your questions. Thus having speedier response times. Also, orders will have to be delayed a few days to one week so we can sort out a few problems and look into mass pay. So in about 1 week we will be up to speed with orders again and back to INSTANT pay outs!


We are always looking for new offers to add to all of our sites. Remember, if you see an offer you want that is not on our site, let us know and we will add it. Also, if you see an offer that is full credit on another site (depending on the payout ratio) and half on our site, we will raise it up to full!


Remember, all of our sites are $50/referral, (with regular weighted offers)
NoCC is $15/referral
VideoGames requires 2 credits to get any video game you want
On our Points site we will match any other site with an offer at a higher point value then we have. (1 point = 1$ with us) You also get 10% of what your referral earn.
AllForOne has only $1-$2 offers, it requires you to do 4 offers but the payout is [b358f56e047]$100/referral![/b358f56e047]

If you have any questions, comments, issues, or feedback don't hesitate to contact us.