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24-05-2007 16:53:43

So, I just cashed out at All for One for the first time and my account was reset after I requested it to be with a support ticket. However, the reply was a bit confusing, the admin stated "send me a message when you're ready to order again so I can reset your credits." I was under the impression once your aquire the 1 credit requirement you don't need to keep getting one credit each time you get a new refferal that completes the required amount of offers. It would also seem unreasonable considering after a while you'll run out of offers to do.


24-05-2007 17:52:54

You do NOT need to get any more credits. He just wants you to send him a PM when you want to order again and he will give you your credit back. Then you can order.


24-05-2007 19:42:01

Well see the thing is he did give me my credit back, that's what confused me.


25-05-2007 00:32:54

Don't worry, when you are ready to cash out again, just send him a support ticket letting him know. Even if you already got it ... he might be doing it so that he remembers, too.

Also ... yes, eventually you will run out of offers to do. It is inevitable, unfortunately.