Allforone question

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20-05-2007 05:02:23

I already signed up, but cannot complete the offers - have done them.

Do you know if I can get an extra referral to cover my portion so I can

promote the site and get my prize?

Thanks for the info!


20-05-2007 07:30:32

You can only if you signed up unreferred.


20-05-2007 08:30:02

I did signup unreferred. Does this apply to all ygf sites?

Thanks for the help and quick response!


20-05-2007 08:41:13

Yes, it does!


09-06-2007 16:39:59

Wait, seriously?

So, if I go to one of the yourgiftsfree sites (ie, just by typing it in, not following a referral link, then I could sign up for it and just get referrals to go and still qualify for a prize without doing offers, myself?



I'm especially interested in confirming this because, as a Canadian, my selection of offers to do is very very limited to start. Beyond that though, there is a current issue with the offers (I have a support ticket open about it and it's being looked into) that has made it impossible for me to complete ANY offers to even get partial credit to begin with.

The site I'm working on right now is allforone, and I was sent there referred, so I know I have to complete some offers. That was part of the deal, and once the tech issue is cleared up, I intend to. I was really sad, though, thinking I could never do any of the other yourgiftsfree sites because of the limited offers, though I really REALLY want the Wii lililaughslili and it's not one of the prizes available at allforone.

So... do we have to write to you and let you know we want to do a spare referral to qualify? Are there any special hoops to jump through?


09-06-2007 16:58:44

Yes u can use a refferal as your credit. Once you want to cash out just open a support ticket and let them know your situation, they'll take care of it.